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The IZA Evaluation Dataset is an initiative by IZA to overcome data limitations in the field of labor economics. The dataset consists of different parts.

The administrative part of the dataset consists of a large random sample of inflows into unemployment in Germany from 2001 to 2008 and contains around 920,000 individuals. The information is drawn from the Integrated Employment Biographies (IEB) provided by the Research Data Center (FDZ) of the Institute for Employment Research (IAB). The IEB are based on administrative social security records and information recorded by the employment offices. Data access is organized by the FDZ of the IAB.
FDZ of the IAB

The survey part covers a panel of 18,000 individuals who registered as unemployed at the Federal Employment Agency in Germany between June 2007 and May 2008. The individuals were interviewed up to four times over a time span of three years, starting at their entry into unemployment. This data allows researchers to observe dynamics with respect to individual and labor market characteristics during the early stage of unemployment, as well as tracking long-run outcomes (see Arni et al., 2014 for detailed information). Data access is organized by the International Data Service Center (IDSC) of IZA.
IDSC of IZA: The IZA ED Survey

Finally, one of the main features of this data initiative is that the survey data can be merged with administrative data as provided by the FDZ-IAB for a subset of 15.300 individuals. Merging the survey with administrative data has the advantage that the variety of information included in the survey is enriched by highly reliable information on individuals’ labor market activities and earnings, which are observable for a period that is much longer than the survey window (covering from 1975 until present). However, access to the merged dataset for non-IZA staff members is currently not possible due to strict data security legislation. However, we are confident to find a solution in the near future.